My Updated Nightly Skincare Routine

Recently, I decided that my nighttime skincare routine needed a facelift. Like so many of you, I’m a working mom and wife so I need my products to work overtime. In other words, I want to look well rested and refreshed even if I feel exhausted.

So, after a little experimenting I found a routine that fits in my lifestyle and my needs. It also fits the upcoming season! I’ve found it super helpful to make little changes to your skincare products depending on the time of year. Summertime means humidity, which can often mean breakouts. But that doesn’t mean you still don’t need a little moisture! That’s where good skin products come in.

photo credit: Todd Parker

I found a product that includes an ingredient PERFECT for summer skin, a toner to soothe my pores when I’ve been out in the heat all day, and a sleeping mask that is hydrating but not greasy.

Watch this video I shot with Garnier SkinActive to check out my new products and how I use them: