My Top 10 Blog Posts of 2012


We’ve got less than a week left in 2012, and I can hardly wrap my head around it. Time flies all right! But before the year is through, I thought it would be fun to spend a little time reminiscing. Today I wanted to share some of my most memorable moments, favorite blog posts, and other personal highlights of 2012. Click through the list below to see what made it into my Top 10 (in chronological order): 

  1. The biggest announcement of my year!
  2. My 5-months Bump Watch picture was probably my favorite. I’ve got that pregnant woman glow.
  3. In this video blog I told you about my go-to healthy meal for battling the munchies.
  4. When Scott and I were trying to get pregnant, I tried a couple less conventional methods to make it happen…
  5. Here are my 5 tips for dressing 5 lbs. thinner.
  6. This flashback pic just makes me laugh… I couldn’t resist sharing it again!
  7. This was without a doubt the happiest day of my life. Thank you all for sharing it with me!
  8. Believe it or not people are always asking me what’s in my fridge. I enjoyed revealing the contents with all of you in this video blog.
  9. My first seven weeks as a new mama were both amazing and hard! Documenting the experience was both meaningful and therapeutic.
  10. Not only is Joey Maalouf one of my absolute favorite people, but he also knows how to style one perfect ponytail. Watch him work his magic on my mane.
  11. Designing a sweet and tranquil space for Brooks to sleep was one of my favorite projects this year. Click back to this to see the finished product. 

What were your 2012 highlights?

Let me know below!

Love, Molly

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