My New Year’s Resolutions


First off, I wanted to wish all of you here on a very happy and healthy 2013! If the coming year brings half as many blessings as last year did, I’ll be one happy mama. I also wanted to share my resolutions for the coming year. I figure if I post them here on the site, then you guys can hold me to them!

My New Year’s Resolutions for 2013 

1. Drink more green juice.
2. Stop cussing. (That’s one habit I definitely don’t want Brooks picking up on!)
3. Make sure to fit my sit-ups into my daily schedule.
4. Live in the moment.
5. Save time by doing my shopping online.
6. Be grateful everyday.

It’s a lot to work on, but I like to aim high.

What are your resolutions for the coming year?

Love, Molly

Photo: Club Monaco
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