My Guide To Making Resolutions You’ll Actually Keep

A new year brings new goals, new experiences, and new challenges. Even before the clock strikes midnight on New Years Eve, most people have already made their resolutions and plan on making major changes for the coming year. We all make promises to ourselves but do we keep them? Let’s be honest—not usually. And why is this? We are unrealistic. Instead of making major changes in our life, start small. You’ll put less pressure on yourself and gradually make these changes without even realizing it.

Here are five resolutions to make this year—no stress involved:

Be Nice To Yourself

Have you noticed how complimentary we are to other people but we tend to be the hardest on ourselves? This year, simply quiet those negative voices inside your head. It’s so easy during our busy and stressful days to feel like we are less than a perfect mother, perfect friend, or perfect person. Take a few deep breaths and as I say—make that sh*t happen! Be nice to yourself and that will radiate positively into all parts of your life.

Drink More Water

Instead of making these crazy diet goals, just vow to drink more water. Water is proven to help aid in weight loss, makes your skin glow, and essential for overall wellness. Carry a water bottle with you everywhere you go (glass, preferably) and sip on the go. If you need some more flavor, squeeze in some lemon or fresh fruit.

Designate Twenty Minutes

Take twenty minutes for yourself. Anything. Just give yourself twenty minutes a day to do something that recharges you. Whether it’s a quick little workout, going to grab a juice, or calling a friend to talk; those minutes you set aside for yourself will be a huge stress reliever especially on days when you need it.

I love doing short little workouts. Here are some of my favorites:

Shape Mag | 20-Minute Workouts // Popsugar Fitness | 20-Minute Workouts // Real Simple | The 20-Minute Workout

Simple Substitutions

Like I said, a lot of people vow to be healthier in the new year by trying to make a major lifestyle change…fast. It normally backfires because putting that much pressure on yourself is a surefire way to get stressed out. Instead, make small changes little by little. Switch out potato chips for oven roasted veggies, drink tea instead of soda, and use healthier ingredients. Here are some of my pantry staples for easy healthy “hacks."

Recognize A Problem, Don’t Ignore It

I’ve been extremely guilty of this. It can be easy to ignore a problem especially if there are a million other things on your plate. Instead of pushing things aside, make it your goal to at least recognize them. I know it sounds simple but acknowledgment can be hard to come by. Figure out where your bad habits lie, journal, and figure out a game plan that works for you. If it takes a little work and doesn’t happen within the year, so be it. The resolution is to start on the journey to break bad habits, not break them overnight.