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My First Trimester

My LifeMolly SimsComment
My First Trimester

I’m officially 17 weeks along as of this past Monday, and one thing is for sure: No experience I’ve ever had compares to this little bun in the oven!

I’ve already been though the morning sickness (every morning from 4 to 6 AM for seven weeks—it was the worst), the strange cravings (I’m looking at you, Kraft Easy Mac) and daily episodes of what I call “pregnancy brain.” But believe it or not, I’m cherishing every moment.

I’ve created a photo album on my profile page for all things baby, but you must be a member to view it. Sign up for that account if you haven’t already and click HERE to see how we’re getting the house ready.

Here’s a little sneak peek:

My favorite book... Makes me cry every time.


Love, Molly

P.S. What tips do you have for dealing with morning sickness or nausea? I'll be sharing mine in an upcoming post!

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