My Exciting Baby News


The last time I had news that I was this excited to share with everyone was when Scott proposed last May. Today, I am absolutely, positively, downright over the moon to announce that we are pregnant! There are simply no words to describe the feeling… I finally get what they mean when they say pregnant women GLOW.

Our little bundle of joy is a honeymoon baby, due at the end of June. A first pregnancy is a nerve-wracking experience of course, but mostly we are just thrilled and excited. We can’t wait to meet him or her.

And if you’re wondering where the fortune cookie comes in, that is how I told Scott that I was pregnant. I hijacked the fortune cookie and typed a new message so that when he opened his cookie at the end of the meal, he found out he was going to be a daddy. You can only imagine how nervous I was during the entire meal (I think I ate a total of two bites…), but the look of surprise and pure joy on his face was priceless.

Since we’re new at this, I’ll probably be asking you all for advice over the next few months. I’ll also be creating created an album on my profile for all things baby that I’ll be updating as we go. You must be a member to view it, so make sure to create an account.

Thank you for sharing in my good news! Scott and I are so excited!

Love, Molly

P.S. Do you have any advice for first-time moms?

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