My Boy




Every now and then a mama has to brag on her kids…this is my turn. I woke up this morning with just an overwhelming feeling of love and adoration for my sweet baby boy, Brooks.


There is nothing in the world that makes me happier than seeing his smile. His personality is really starting to come out and it is dazzling. He is funny, kind, caring and sensitive.


I love watching him play with his furry siblings. I can see how gentle he is and how much he loves sharing his soul and affection with them. He can pet them softly or play a bit rough with chew toys.


I enjoy looking into his eyes and really feeling his soul. He is so pure and it reads through his gaze. I only hope that I will be a good enough parent to help him keep a bit of this love for the world around him without being jaded.


He looks at everything and sees its inner beauty. He hasn't had to deal with any harsh realizations that the world isn't fair or that sometimes we can't do it all. In his mind this world is his for the taking and I admire his tenacity for life.


I love my boy.



Molly SimsComment