Mom Talk with People Magazine

I fully believe in the mantra, “it takes a village.” Becoming a mom for me was something I’d always wanted to do—but it was like learning a new language for me. That’s where mom friends come in handy! I always joke that they were like my “Rosetta Stone” for parenting. My momma friends told me what stroller was the best, what bottles to use, what supplements to try, literally everything.

They also help me psychologically, too. It’s easy to feel alone especially as a new mom. Whether it’s weight gain, the constant worry of not being the “perfect” mom, or even not feeling like yourself; a community of moms helps guide you along the way. Recently, I had the pleasure of joining a bunch of momma’s for a “Mom Talk” over at People Magazine. I left feeling so inspired and loved hearing their stories and sharing mine as well. I can’t wait to share it with you, too!

Here’s the first segment of my “Mom Talk” all about the pressure to lose baby weight and a funny look at how crazy pregnancy can be on your body:

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