Molly Sims + Style Me Pretty|Finding The Perfect Dress For Your Body Type


I’ve given you guys a sneak peek and the day is FINALLY here! Every month over at Style Me Pretty I’m sharing my tips and tricks for brides-to-be. And today, I’m talking about THE dress and which style will make you feel your best.

There are so many things to consider when it comes to purchasing your wedding dress. It can be completely overwhelming as you go through the process. I’m not going to sugar coat it, this wedding dress business is not all champagne bubbles and unicorns. It can get rough out there, ladies, and you may even question your own sanity by the end of the process. It’s very important to remember when you are losing your mind and falling apart when a bead is offset, the hem is too long, or whatever the dress drama may be, to take a huge deep breath (or two) and remember the reason behind the dress.

Remember the significant other that you are going to be married to at the end of the day and all the happiness in the world that will follow. I promise you that you will get through this and look fabulous! I would venture to say the most important goal of picking a wedding dress is to absolutely be the best version of yourself. Not the image you’ve had in your head since you’ve been six but the woman you are right now. Don’t get a dress you aren’t comfortable in…I’m talking about fit, as well as how it makes you feel when you put it on! This is YOUR day to shine and if you don’t feel good in your dress…it will show!

With that said, Just like any piece of clothing, certain cuts and styles of wedding dresses suit specific body types better. Click on the video below to see the FULL video from Style Me Pretty:

Need a recap? Here are the “must-know” silhouettes:


This is a clean, classic and simple style of dress.  Think of the outline of an upper case “A”. Fitted around the bodice and flows out toward the floor.  The length can vary from above the knee to full length.

Who it works for:  The A-Line is a solid option for almost any bride.  If you goal is for your dress to be more slimming, this is a great option because it can disguise a rounder lower body/hips and if someone has a narrow frame this style can also give the illusion of curves.

My pick: Lazaro Style 3505

Sheath or Column:

Snug fitting with a straight skirt and no fitted waist. Skirt can be any length.

Who it works for:  Sheaths are perfect lean figures (both short and tall) and petite body types. The elongating nature of the dress makes petite bodies appear taller. This dress is not the most forgiving for problem areas.  If you opt for this style of dress make sure you are able to dance and sit down comfortably because these dresses can restrict movement.

My pick: Lazaro Style 3500


Raised waistline that sits just below the bust that flows into a loose fitted skirt.

Who it works for:  Like the A-line the Empire is very versatile and suits most body types.  The empire can be ideal for both small and larger chested women.

My pick: Lazaro Style 3452

Ball gown:

Fitted at the bodice with a waist that goes into a full skirt. Think Cinderella.

Who it works for:  This dress is great for a variety of body types including slender and pear shaped because the full skirt helps to accentuate the waist and camouflage the lower body. If you are on the shorter side or petite you could get lost in this dress.  You may not have the height to balance out the size of the skirt.

My pick: Hayley Paige Style 6453


On the more daring side, form fitted dress that hugs your body from the chest to the knee, that flares at the bottom. Long in length.

Who it works for: Slender figures or ladies with hourglass curves who prefer a sexy silhouette.

My pick: An exclusive Hayley Paige gown sold at JLM Couture

The bottom line is you are probably going to spend more money on this dress than you have ever spent so you have to make sure that you absolutely love it and love how you look and feel in it.  I’m an advocate for wearing it the entire wedding.  This is your special day…till the wheels fall off!  Heck, you may end up sleeping in it!!

Molly Sims