My Travel Secrets


Happy Friday everyone!!! Please make sure you come check out next week! This coming Monday we have another great video to share from AOL. We are going green again, but this time in the land of kids. You know I love sharing my tips and tricks and Monday I’ve got a bunch along with a great DIY multipurpose cleaner recipe.

As you may know, I love to travel and recently shared my travel 411 with Le Postcard. I thought it only fair to share with you, too. Have a GREAT weekend and hope to see you back here on Monday!

How often do you travel?

I travel at least 2-4 times per month depending on where my work takes me and if my husband and I are shooting in different places.

Favorite travel destinations?

I love going to Cabo San Lucas, the Hamptons and New York City. I can’t wait to go back to Italy and I definitely need to take a trip to London and Paris soon.


Where’s your “happy place” to visit?

New York City! It gives me energy and makes me smile. I feel alive when I touch down on that city.

What brand/type of luggage do you use?

I have a Goyard monogram bag that I’ve had for seven years.

What brand/type of carry-on do you use?

I use Tumi luggage. I had my first piece of Tumi luggage for 14 years. It finally broke while I was in Peru but I definitely felt like I got my money’s worth!

What type/brand of camera you bring?

A Canon.

Aisle or window (and why)?

I always request a window seat! I can prop a pillow against the window and get some sleep and looking out at the view makes me feel less claustrophobic.

Do you have any travel rituals or superstitions?

I always step onto the plane with my right foot while kissing the plane with my right hand. I know it sounds crazy but I do it every time. I also always say a prayer while the plane is taking off and I never fly without my lucky charm necklace.


Preferred in-flight beverage?

Chardonnay. Any type will do!

What are your in-flight travel essentials?

Before flying, I always make sure my bag is stocked with plenty of magazines and a great book and my iPad is loaded with one or two movies. I also keep hand sanitizer and moisturizer on me at all times and I like to wear a scarf. It can double as my blanket when it gets chilly.


How do you entertain yourself at 35,000 feet?

I love flying, especially when I’m flying alone. It’s the perfect time to unwind and just relax. I typically read magazines and watch movies.

What’s on your travel playlist?

Anything that gets me energized and excited for where I’m about to go! Iggy Azalea’s “I’m So Fancy” has been my most recent go-to anthem. But I’m always up for listening to anything by Beyonce, Rihanna, Taylor Swift and Arcarde Fire.

What’s your go-to uniform for the plane?

I typically wear my Isabel Marant booties, an oversized sweater or boyfriend jacket, a hat, a great black jean or pant, a fun printed scarf and sunglasses. I try to make sure I’m wearing something that’s comfortable but chic. And the key is to make sure I wear plenty of layers. No matter how hot it is outside, it’s always cold on the plane!

What’s the one item you never travel without?

My charm necklace. It contains name plates for my husband, son and dogs. It’s a way for me to keep them close to me at all times and I rarely leave the house without it!

How do you deal with jet lag?

I always try to sleep on the plane so I’m refreshed when I arrive. If I’m about to fly east, I go to sleep early so that I can get my body clock adjusted to the time zone before I arrive. When I fly west, I do the opposite and stay up really late. I also just read this article that claims that sucking on a lemon can help you stay awake longer and altering what you eat can help remedy jet lag. I definitely want to try it!

What’s your exercise/health routine when you’re on the road?

I drink lots of water and make time to work out. If I’m in a hotel I go on the treadmill. I’ll walk at a speed of 4.5 or run at 6.2 for 20 minutes depending on time how much time I have. I also try to make time to sit in the sauna and steam room. Sweating helps flush out my toxins and makes me feel more refreshed while I’m running around.

Favorite item(s) to order from room service?

I always order a hot English breakfast tea with milk and Truvia. And no matter where I am or what I’m doing, I always, always order dessert!


One surprising thing you always pack?

A swimsuit. You never know when you’re going to need one!

What beauty-essentials do you travel with?

When traveling, I always carry Tom Ford perfume with me; it’s my favorite scent. I also love Benefit’s white eye liner—I line it on the inside of my lower lid to make my eyes look bigger and more refreshed which is especially helpful after a long day of travel. Bobbi Brown’s Pot Rouge in Chocolate Soufflé doubles as both a great blush and lip stain—perfect for when you’re trying to pack light. For my hair, I love using the Sarah Potempa beach waver and travel-sized straightening iron. They’re easy to use and even easier to pack. I also always bring dry shampoo and Elnett hairspray—it comes in a great travel size. For my skin, I love using Claudalie skin oil and natural deodorant. At the end of the day, I use Kloraine makeup remover wipes. They’re eco-friendly and gentle on my skin and I don’t have to worry about carrying liquid remover!

What are your favorite items to travel with?

I always bring a scarf (I love Theodora & Callum) because it’s an easy way to add dimension to any outfit. I also always pack my Isabel Marant booties—they go with just about everything and are easy to walk in. I also love the J.Crew printed sweatshirts. They’re really cozy but still chic and fashionable.

Are you an over-packer or under-packer?

I’m definitely an over-packer!

Do you have a packing strategy? (do you make lists, special packing methods, etc?)

Lists, lists and more lists. I put my necklaces in straws to keep from getting tangled and I roll my clothes. It keeps them wrinkle-free while still allowing me to condense everything together into a small suitcase.

Have you ever had a travel disaster?

One time, the airport lost my luggage for 4 days in Turkey. I had no clothes and had to run out and try to find nearly a week's worth of clothes. Needless to say, it was a stressful experience!

If your luggage was lost, what are the 5 items you’d buy at the drugstore?

I’d buy the bare essentials—a toothbrush, toothpaste, eyelash curler, deodorant and a hairbrush.

Favorite find/souvenir from your travels (what did you buy—where were you—and is there a story about it)?

There are so many! I bought these great chairs from a flea market in Paris that now sit in my Hamptons house as well as these amazing bowls and rugs from Morocco. In London, I bought this leopard coat over 20 years ago that I still wear today and in Capri, I got the most amazing Missoni shoes that I’ve had for six years. In Africa, I got a beautiful gold chain and fertility doll that still sits in my house and I got my first and only Hermes bag in Paris!

Favorite childhood memory of traveling?

Every year, my family used to drive from Kentucky to the Florida Keys for vacation. The entire journey—from the road trip up there to the vacation itself was filled with so many fun and special family memories. I’ll remember and cherish the memories we made on those trips forever!

Travel destinations on your bucket-list?

I want to go back to India and Turkey. I would love to go visit my best girlfriend in Australia and I really want to take my mom to Israel to visit all of the religious and historic sites.