Puppy Love: Bringing Home Baby


Stroller. Check

Crib. Check


Organic baby food, top safety-rated car seat, electric breast pump, diaper rash cream, WubbaNub, swaddling blankets, white-noise machine, and bulb syringe. Check, check, and more checks.

Even a lot of new mamas who think they’ve accounted for everything tend to forget one very important step before bringing baby home for the first time: making it as easy of a transition as possible for your little bundle of joy and your slightly furrier older children… your pets!

As sweet as our three dogs are, Scott and I were a little nervous about how they would react to having a newborn baby in the house. So when I was pregnant with Brooks, we thought a lot about making our pups comfortable with the change. We encouraged Chloe, Poupette, and Dukie to explore the nursery as we readied it, and even let the Yorkies cuddle up in his Moses Basket…


Once Brooks was born, Scott brought home blankets from the hospital with his scent on them and let the dogs sniff around and get used to it. By the time Brooks came home, the dogs were as in love with him as Scott and I were.

Do you have any tips for getting your pets ready for baby? Let me know below!

Love, Molly

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