A Very Special Announcement

I am BE-yond thrilled to share some very special news with you!

Scott, Brooks, and I are welcoming a fourth member to our little family - our second child!

I can't even begin to explain just how excited we are for a new baby. We are so, so, so blessed as a family, and I'm speechless at the fact that we have the opportunity to bring a second bundle of joy into the world. As a new mom to Brooks, an entire world of motherhood opened to me along with a thousand and one questions. I absolutely cannot wait to see what life will be like as a mother to a toddler and a newborn, and I really can't wait to see Brooks as an older brother to Baby #2! I just know that he's going to be preciously protective. If it's a girl, he'll be her biggest supporter and confidant and if it's a boy, I know they'll be the best of friends, always getting into adventures together.

Scott, Brooks and I can't wait to welcome Baby #2 to the Sims-Stuber household!!