My Top 10 Things to Do in the Hamptons

Every year I feel like an eager kid in school, counting the days until summer vacation. Because I know that the second Memorial Day hits, I’m on the first flight out to New York, Hampton-bound and ready for some serious fun.

I spend most of my time in the Hamptons at home. I pack my house to the brim with people, make enough food to feed a small army, kick off my shoes and relish in the fact that everyone around me is relaxed and happy. But while I love being at home, I also love unique shops and destinations in this quaint stretch of Long Island. After visiting every summer for fifteen years, here is my list of favorite places in the Hamptons:


Candy Kitchen

Every quaint town has an adorable ice cream shop and this is it. I’ve been going here for years and love that I get to take Brooksie here now.

J. Crew in East Hampton

I know that this is a chain, but trust me on this. If you think you like J.Crew and you haven’t been to this one, you have no idea what you’re missing! Not to mention that the style is so quintessential Hamptons-esque that you’ll be tempted to buy even more than usual. Don’t say I didn’t warn you…


The Monogram Shop

This is my absolute favorite place to get gifts for people. From their adorable cosmetic bags to their too-cute-for-woods teddy bears I always find personal and unique gift ideas for kids and friends alike. And who doesn’t like getting a monogrammed keepsake?!


Round Swamp

Can you say farm-to-table ? I’ll admit, this place is a bit pricey and the lines are awful, but their produce is the most fresh, delicious fare I’ve tasted and their cinnamon roles are seriously to die for. Plus they have a great prepared food section if you’re entertaining but don’t feel like cooking…


Ruby Beets

My designer, Dan Scotti goes here ever week to scoop up the best antiques. It’s such fun spot to peruse—I can literally get lost in there for hours. And word to the wise? Butter up to Ruby!


Seinfelds’ Lemonade Stand

I was driving around, showing my friend the neighborhood when I saw a bunch of kids selling lemonade out of an awesome vintage trailer. Turned out it was Jessica Seinfeld and her children working to earn donations for their charity, Baby Buggy. It’s such a fun and refreshing pit stop for an awesome cause.



This place has the best sheets and bed linens. They’re as soft as they are chic! And they’re also a great spot for great hostess gifts!


Loaves and Fishes

Anna Pump started this gourmet take out place years ago and saved my friend Aimee and I when we hosted a dinner party a few weeks ago. Think the most scrumptious chicken parm, brisket, chicken salad that’s to die for and this insane chocolate pudding with fresh rasberries and whipped cream!! If you’re not in the Hamptons, but still want a taste of Loaves and Fishes, check out Anna’s new cookbook Summer on A Plate. I just got my copy!


Chef Todd Jacobs’ new restaurant is a healthy foodie’s dream! Not only is the food fresh and delicious but their menu offers something for everyone, from my carnivore-loving husband, to my vegan, gluten-free friend. And bonus, everything on the menu is local and organic! I also like to pick up from there when I want amazing food without all the hassle.


Levain Bakery

If you think you’ve had the best chocolate chip cookie and you haven’t been to Levain, think again. Crispy on the outside and warm and gooey on the inside, these are the most scrumptious, heavenly cookies I ever tasted. When guests come into town I always snag at least a couple dozen and know they’ll be gone before the day is over!