My Fav Apps Of The Moment

Thanks to smartphones and tablets, tasks have become a lot easier. You need a food delivery? No problem. There’s an app for that! On-demand dry-cleaning? Yep. Another app for that. The list goes on and on! With so many different options out there (and new ones popping up daily) it’s hard to know which ones work or what’s offered.

I’m kind of an app hoarder. If I hear of a new app, I immediately download it just to try it out. While this may be bad for my phone data, it sure makes me an app expert. I’ve realized it all comes down to which types suit your personality and lifestyle.

For me, it’s all about what makes me feel more productive and organized (aka what helps me get shit done!) Convenience is key when it comes to my apps. Here are my top finds with some serious benefits:



Okay, we’ve all been here. We go to the store, get all the ingredients on our list, start cooking, and THEN realize we forget something major. Well, my friends, that’s where Postmates is a lifesaver. The app is a messenger on-demand delivery service at your fingertips in most major cities. I’m serious, people. Anything! As a momma of two, this comes in handy all too often.


The Glam App

I’ve mentioned this app before but I’m so OB-SESSED that I have to include it again. This beauty-on-demand service, (created by my makeup artist, Joey Maalouf along with actress and fashion blogger, Cara Santana) delivers beauty experts to your front door, office, or photo shoot in a matter of minutes. Whether you need a blow dry, makeup application, manicure…The Glam App has you covered.



This service is the epitome of convenience. This on-demand service allows you to outsource your laundry and dry cleaning…on your schedule! All you have to do is go to the app, select a 30-minute window where your clothes will be picked up, and they will arrive back within 24-36 hours! It’s basically the Uber (another great app!) for clothing, in my opinion. The rates are reasonable too! $1.60 per pound of laundry, $6 per dry-clean and delivery is free with a $20 minimum.


Baby Connect

SUPERMOMMA ALERT! Being away from your baby if necessary during the first year is especially hard. This app is everything when it comes to tracking daily information about your baby’s accomplishments and activities even when you’re not there. Your baby’s caretaker or nanny can effectively and easily communicate with you through the app! My baby nurse, Grace Leverenz, turned me onto it. I have been using this everyday since my Scarlett was born! I can track everything from feeding, diapers, sleep, mood, activities, and photos all from the app even when I need to be away for work. It’s completely changed my life.


Class Pass

One of the tough parts about traveling is making sure you don’t fall out of your fitness routine. Personally, I love fitness classes. They are interactive, never boring, and they push me to that next level. Class Pass is an app that allows you to go to hundreds of classes in all different cities with just ONE membership. From spin to yoga, they have classes of any interest or skill level. This app is absolutely perfect for people who travel. Even if you aren’t a jet setter, it’s still a great opportunity to try out different classes in your own city. Like I’ve said before, you’ve got to mix it up to keep it up!


My Fitness Pal

Okay, this one is a serious game changer.  My Fitness Pal helps you lose weight and stay in shape with it’s fast and easy calorie counter. There are endless options of foods listed in their food database and even an option to add your own. Even if you eat out, My Fitness Pal has an extremely large restaurant database with all the calorie counts as well. My Fitness Pal app also lets you track your workouts and will deduct calories burned from calories consumed.  There are over 350 exercises stored in their database. You can also connect My Fitness Pal to an activity tracker such as a Fitbit. This app is perfect to hold yourself accountable on your road to wellness!


Hotel Tonight

Oh, wow. I can’t even begin to tell you how often this app has completely saved my life. There are times when either my plane is delayed, I have a last minute event, or some other minor emergency and Hotel Tonight has been the easiest way to find a room fast! This is especially true when you need it just for one night. This app allows you to book last minute reservations, which usually have a discount. There are also reviews, professional photos, and app user photos to get a true feel for what the hotel is like before you book. This app is in most cities and is always a comfort to have just in case!



This is the epitome of productivity. Evernote helps me collect my random thoughts, lists, and bookmarked articles into one place. When linked to my internet browser, whenever I Google something (if that keyword was mentioned in a prior note), it will pop up on the side of my screen. I normally find myself putting just a keyword into my Evernote because I know it will be something easy to come back to later! No more losing random post-it notes. I mean, that’s seriously something to celebrate!

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