Baby Talk: The 7 Cutest Baby Halloween Costumes


I look forward to Halloween every year, but now that Brooks is in the picture my excitement has grown about tenfold! Hello—can you think of anything cuter than a little baby in teeny-tiny costume?! Scott and I have no less than five costumes picked out for him at this point: a cow, a lion, a dragon, the Easter Bunny, and a bear à la the movie Ted, which my husband produced. And with the amount of time I’ve been spending searching for baby Halloween costumes on Pinterest lately, I wouldn’t be surprised if he has 10 by the time Halloween actually rolls around! Here are a few of my favorite pint-sized Halloween finds…

1. Lion


Lions and tigers and chubby baby thighs, oh my!

2. Spaghetti and Meatballs

iqSlMzREHaUBkg4lM7Qbhl09.jpeg:Amazon:photoBrings new meaning to the phrase food baby…

3. Max from Where the Wild Things Are

cciQOXNDwaXIX7Q5EoaDoUw5.jpeg:Amazon:photoWe’ve been reading this book to Brooks!

4. Taco

Suc8jChloIIbprY5Dl3WoUMA.jpeg:Amazon:photoHave you ever seen anything so delicious?!

5. Sumo Wrestler

tKQ7ZGWw9pj79uiiMF2wT4YF.jpeg:Amazon:photoThis one cracks me up! All you really need is a wig.

6. Goldfish

luFP6MT1obfRlFUYslhsPtnF.jpeg:Amazon:photoLove this handmade Martha Stewart creation.

7. Lobster

32W56aYpA0kHSZgmlfFEhNW6.jpeg:Amazon:photoComplete with a cooking pot of course!

What’s your little one going to be for Halloween this year?

I would love to see pictures!

Love, Molly

Photos: Lisa Gutierrez, Pinterest, Pottery Barn Kids, The Smarter Wallet,,, Inquisitr


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