Baby Talk: The 40-Day Rule

molly sims baby talk 40 day rule

As many mamas out there already know, the days and weeks following labor are really special for so many reasons. Not only are you meeting the wonderful little person who’s been growing inside for you nine long months, but you’re really tuning in to your maternal instincts (and learning which ones are healthy and which might be a little excessive—how many outfit changes does one baby really need in a day?!). Following Brooks’ birth I decided to participate in an ancient tradition where mother and child don’t leave the home for a full 40 days. The 40-day rule has been practiced by Greek Orthodox, Hindu, Pakistani and Sikh cultures for centuries and while each specific culture has differing reasons for the 40-day confinement, generally speaking it comes down to encouraging mother-child bonding. Kundilini yogis also practice the 40-day rule, believing that a child’s energy is connected to its mother’s and in order to ease the child into the world, gradual separation is best. I am proud to say that I made it through the entire 40 days and it really was a really rewarding experience (and yes—challenging at times too!). During the 40 days I really experienced life through Brooks’ eyes and observed what a special little human he is!

Have any of you mamas tried the 40-day rule? What was the experience like for you?

Love, Molly


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