Just Call Me Molly Herrera


carolina herrera molly sims nyfw spring 2014 I want to be a member of Carolina Herrera's family. There. I said it. I want to be infused with her creativity daily and inherit her closet. I want to learn everything she knows about fashion and life. Her show was everything to me. It was crazy beautiful. The chocolate browns and creams combined with beautiful patterns and pops of color were enough to make me get butterflies in my stomach. The painstakingly amazing jeweled detail was out of this world and something to marvel over. I loved each look more than the previous. I even snuck a quick pic with my favorite dress backstage!

As if the fashion wasn't enough, I love, love, loved seeing Michelle Dockery from Downton Abbey (who was so, so, so chic!) and Christina Ricci who looked fabulous as well.

All in all...I'm in awe. Well done. Take a peek at my pictures from her show!

molly sims carolina herrera spring 2014