My Maternity Fashion Musts

In my book, The Everyday Supermodel, I share tips for looking and feeling like your most amazing self, which I think is more important than ever when you’re pregnant. I wanted to share some of my maternity musts that got me through the past nine months and a few that I’ll be keeping around this summer!


A Great Pair of Denim

Whether you choose the Secret Fit Belly® or the side panel, I think a great pair of jeans are one of the most essential pieces when you’re pregnant. You can dress them up or down. I love pairing them with a bright colored top (you know I love a pop of color) and a wedge; it’s a perfect casual yet stylish look for the warmer seasons.


A Maxi

This super chic white one from A Pea in the Pod is my favorite. It’s perfect for spring and summer: bohemian beautiful and super comfortable… I like it for a brunch on a weekend or even for a more formal occasion, like a baby shower. A maxi is a great staple for even after your baby is born, when you’re not quite ready to go back to your pre-pregnancy clothes. There are so many ways to add your own personal spin on it, which is key to helping you look and feel your best.


This pregnancy I was really into wearing button down shirts over my maxi dresses, too. I liked to unbutton the last few buttons and tie it just above my bump.  Don’t be afraid of letting your gorgeous curves show, ladies!  This is your season to glow.


A Blazer


We all have those areas that even when we’re not pregnant, we don’t consider our favorite features. A blazer is perfect for covering up and looking beautifully polished. Blazers can kick a casual look up a notch instantly, and can be removed to make a dressy work outfit transition to dinner after.

Or they can do the opposite and make a casual day look turn into nighttime glamorous.  Blazers are wardrobe magic.


Statement Piece

Every pregnant woman needs a wardrobe piece that makes them feel stunning.  Yes, I’m all about finding that balance of looking good and feeling good all the time, but I’m talking about that piece of clothing that can pull you out of a gray day ... something that you put on to shake the clothing blues away.  For me, it was my faux leather pants by A Pea in the Pod.  I wore those pants throughout my book tour and they never let me down.


A Cozy Pair of Pajamas

A great pair of Pj’s are my weekend home uniform. I love a cozy set that is perfect for sleeping and lounging. A Pea in the Pod has some great options that also are functional if you plan to nurse. The picture above was just after I had baby Scarlett!


A rich moisturizer is so important when you’re pregnant to combat everything from sensitive skin to potential stretch marks. I love The Honest Company’s Face + Body Lotion because the ingredients are completely safe to slather on my sweet Brooks and me!

You can shop all my maternity favorites HERE!

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