How to Dress When You're Pregnant

How to Dress When You're Pregnant

Dressing when you're pregnant is no easy task, but I'm here to tell you it's not at scary as it may seem. I should know - I'm almost about to give birth to Baby #2! Today, I'm sharing a brand new video from my series with Glam - my #SupermommaSecrets on How to Dress When You're Pregnant! You may think the answer is going to buy new, big maternity clothes. Don't do that! I feel so, so, so much more comfortable when I'm in my own clothes. Here are my Momma approved Tips & Tricks.

Trick #1 - The Belly Belt

These little waistband additions are going to save you so much money and so much time shopping for new jeans. Just add this little contraption to the jeans you wear when you're not pregnant - no one will ever know. It's a great trick to keep yourself in your jeans.

Trick #2 - Buy Bigger Sizes

I actually do this even when I'm not pregnant. If you're shopping at lower priced stores like Forever 21 and H&M, go two sizes up. The clothes will hang better on you and the material will look luxe. If the sizes bother you, just snip out those tags! When you're pregnant, don't head to the maternity store, just size up.

Trick #3 - Dress Tighter

Wearing loose clothes will actually make you look much bigger than you are. Dress tighter. Layer a button down shirt over your maxi dress and tie it above your belly to create a shape. Opt for cotton wrap dresses that you can wear now and 9 months from now. Buy a series of layering tanks that are tight and can be your base for little jackets or tops.

Trick #4 - Don't Be Afraid of Color

A pop of color can make anything go from blah to fab. A brightly colored jacket can dress up jeans and a black top. I love topping my go-to tank and comfy jeans with a hot pink jacket. I feel dressed up instantly.

Trick #5 - Embrace the Spanx

This is an essential for every girl! I own a Spanx dress in nude and black and a variety of different shorts. They help pull you in and hold in that belly so you look leaner and slimmer, even in the last weeks of your pregnancy!

What are your maternity fashion tips & tricks? Tell me everything - leave a comment below.

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