Simply Chic: Mason Jars

Mason jars aren’t just for Grammy’s preserves.  They are the ultimate utilitarian objects.  That’s fancy blog  speak for “Man, you can use these beauties for just about anything!"  Team Sims has been on a bit of a Mason jar bender and I can’t wait to show you what we’ve come up with.

Being a true Mason jar addict, I’ve also created a Pinterest board dedicated to my newest obsession.  From gifting to lighting as candleholders to vases for flowers, Mason jars give everything a warm vibe.


At the top of my Mason jar DIY list is the cookie recipe in a jar.  Super cute, easy peasy on the DIY scale, and budget friendly.  The Trifecta!  We dressed up this fellow to be absolutely FAB as a baby shower favor.  How cute is the onesie ribbon?!?  You can use any type of ribbon and fabric to dress it up and match any occasion.  This is a perfect holiday gift, too.

I’ve also seen really cute Mason jars filled with hot chocolate mix and marshmallows.  That would be a great gift paired with a really cute coffee mug. I would have to be very careful assembling those types of gift jars as Brooks has developed a fondness for marshmallows since he helped us make with the Curious George themed yellow hat cake pops for his 2nd birthday party.  See pic below of my son enjoying a Zen moment with his first ever marshmallow!!


For our next Mason jar, I ventured deeper into gifting territory: this time as gifts for adults to enjoy.  We had some left over apricots from our Popsicle extravaganza. I didn’t want them to go to waste, so I threw them in a Mason jar filled with vodka.  An additional idea for gifting is to include a cocktail recipe to go along with your magic potion.  Here we used two types of ribbon to dress up our Mason jar.


I love the way the natural fiber ribbons looks on the Mason jars so I played with that idea for our floral arrangement.  With just a few scraps of burlap and ribbon, we were cooking with gas. I really liked how these turned out.  Don’t get me wrong; flowers look absolutely lovely in plain Mason jars, too!


Truly the definition of versatile and completely in line with my desire to be green, I love finding new ways to utilize these jars.  They are perfect for storage.  Toss out some of your plastic containers and replace them with your new Mason jar friends.  I was inspired by @beautifulnutrition's Instagram snap of her Mason jar “to go” container filled with a yummy looking healthy breakfast she made for her hubby.


I could go on and on with my Mason jar love affair, but I think it's pretty clear why these iconic glass vessels deserve our attention.  The price point is ideal and you can use them for just about anything.  Do you have any favorite ways to make use of Mason jars? Tell me everything!!!

Need help building your Mason jar stash?  You can buy them by the dozen here.

Feeling the Mason jar love?  Check out these products I found that keep the love affair alive…

Not wanting to dust off your paint brushes for the DIY mission?  Then scoop up this ready made painted Mason jar from Urban Outfitters. Want the scent of jam without the calories? Then pick up this Rhubarb scented candle from Archipelago. If you are feeling like your green thumb needs a little action then this herb garden kit is the one for you.  I’m a sucker for a glass beverage dispenser and this one doesn’t disappoint with its Mason jar good looks. This cool light kit fits onto a quart sized Mason jar.

This Mehndi inspired gold painted Mason jar is perfect for candles or flowers It is so pretty I had to show you that style of jar in another color too. Henna tattoo perfection.