Marbleized Easter Eggs

The Easter Bunny is rapidly approaching my friends.  Believe it or not he will be hopping your way in less than two weeks. Don’t be scared and jump down the rabbit hole just yet… I’ve got you covered with more than one fun and easy way to get your little eggies decorated in style.

Last year, we went super chic with our Au Natural Eggs as well as our toddler friendly sticker decorating method.  This year we are going to start with a process called “marbleizing”.  Sounds fancy, but I promise these are just a “hare” different then your standard Easter Egg dyeing process but the results are pretty gorgeous if I do say so myself.

The showstopper of this Easter season is not about the dyeing of the eggs, it’s the incredibly easy trick I’m going to share on how to cook them. No cauldrons of boiling water no cracked eggs and they peel so easily!!  Heat on ovens varies, so it's best to test on a couple of eggs to get down the timing and temperature.



  • Preheat oven to 325 degrees
  • Place 1 egg in each muffin cup
  • Bake in preheated oven for 28minutes
  • Plunge baked eggs in a large bowl filled with water and ice.  Let eggs cool completely.  Approximately 10 minutes.

How Egg-a-riffic is that trick of baking your eggs in the oven?!?  It’s a total game changer.


To marbleize your eggs, start with whatever traditional egg dye you like to use.  If you prefer to go the natural route then I suggest this one from Glob Colors.  Make your dyes as directed by the packaging.  Then add a tablespoon of cooking oil (I used olive oil) to a couple of the darker colors. Dye your eggs first in the non-oil colors first.  Let dry completely.  Then dip in the oily color while stirring for about 30 seconds depending on the color you are working with.


It is important to let each coat dry before you dip into another color.

Feel free to play around with mixing and matching back and forth amongst the colors.  Also remember to be patient.  The most Brilliant colors come from letting it sit in the dye longer.  If you feel an egg’s hue has gone muddy or the color looks murky I would put it in a darker color like a purple or blue and let it soak for a bit.  They normally perk back up.