How To Nail It | #TheEverydaySupermodel Manicure Tips


Maybe it’s the southern girl in me, but you’ll almost never see my nails “neked.” Polished nails add, well…polish to any look. In my book, The Everyday Supermodel, celebrity manicurist Miwa Kobayashi shared her top tips for polish perfection. She’s been doing my nails for years!

  • To make hands appear younger, choose soft colors, such as pale pinks and nudes, or bright, fresh colors like corals and candy apple reds.
  • Want your mani/pedi to last longer? Apply a thin, clear topcoat to your nails each day the week after.
  • To soften hands and help prevent nails from splitting and chipping, try a DIY moisturizing mask for hands once a week. It’s easy as massaging on plain yogurt and then wrapping them in plastic wrap (or thermal mitts.)
  • If you are looking to go green, Zoya, Chrome Girl, Sheswai, and OPI are all nontoxic and fragrance free. A safe-for-tots-and-tweens nail polish option is Piggy Paint. I’m OB-sessed with their gift bags for little girls!
  • On a budget or short on time? Just ask for a polish change and go from glum or glam in under $10 and 10 minutes.

For me, choosing my nail color is emotional. It’s usually a direct reflection of how I feel, or how I want to feel. Your nail color can send a message! It can be sexy or sweet or somewhere in between.


Here are some colors that stand the everyday supermodel test of time:

  • Mrs. O’Leary’s BBQ by OPI: A brownish/raisin color, a la…BBQ sauce! It’s dark and moody but seriously sexy in a kind of mod way. A smokin’ fall/winter shade.
  • Jelly Apple by Essie: It’s a great orange red! Fresh, summery, and happy…you’ll find it on my toes all summer. It’s stunning paired with white and turquoise.
  • Big Apple Red by OPI: The perfect red. Not too blue, not too orange but just right. It looks good on every skin tone and is a never-fail classic that glamorizes your little black dress.
  • Walk Down The Aisle by Essie: It’s a soft, sheer pinkish-white that looks like it sounds. Feminine and soft, prim and proper, polite and fresh. Perfect for spring!
  • Tangerine by Essie: Think coral-tastic! It looks phenomenal on dark skin, pale skin, tan skin, you name it skin. It’s flirty, sassy, and fun, but still chic and sophisticated.
  • Lincoln Park After Dark by OPI: A deep, rich, glossy, vampy nail color is an instant everyday supermodel shortcut.

Gorgeous nails are an affordable luxury that dresses you up without wearing your wallet down.