Mommas-To-Be, You'll Love, Love, Love MotherBees!

motherbeeds If you're a momma-to-be or you know a momma-to-be, this is one service you won't want to pass up.

While I was pregnant with Brooks, I was introduced to MotherBees and AB-solutely fell in love, love, love with their mission, their service, and their 40 day rule.

mother bees molly sims delivery

When visiting a friend with a newborn baby, Heng Ou, brought a big pot of chicken soup, thinking it would be a healthy way to help the new momma. Looking at the small scale, that pot of soup was a time saving meal ... but looking at the larger picture, that same pot of soup was full of the good stuff that mom and baby needed, when cooking is the last, last, last thing on your mind with a newborn. As a nutritionist, Ou realized just how important fresh food was for a new family, and just how little time there was to prepare it while caring for a new baby.

motherbees molly sims

From there, she found her passion. Ou founded MotherBees, a delivery service for new moms, providing easy, delicious, and most IM-portantly, healthy meals to your doorstep. They use mostly organic ingredients, make all their food within 24 hours of delivery date, and put a major focus on being environmentally friendly for everyone who's investing time on being green. On top of the AH-mazing meals, MotherBees has a brilliant community of doulas, chefs, and nutritionists who feel like your own little powerhouse team of support! So, so, so important, especially for new mommas.

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