Makeup Manual: 6 Tweezing Tips


My husband thinks it’s a little crazy how much time I spend obsessing over my brows (guys just don’t get it, do they?).  But what’s really crazy is how much of a difference clean, well-shaped brows make to your face! So today I’m back with another brow blog. Here are a few tweezing tips from my friend Tracy O’Connor. She interviewed brow stylist Kristie Streicher for, and has a few highlights of her article to share with all of us…

  1. Give yourself three weeks between tweezes. This way you’ll be able to see the natural growth pattern and shape of your eyebrows before plucking away.
  2. Let there be light. This should be obvious, but only tweeze in a well-lit area! That way you’ll be able to see al the fine hairs that you might miss otherwise.
  3. Use good tweezers. Not all tweezers are created equally, so make sure you invest in a good pair with slanted edges that close down tightly.
  4. Go with the flow. Always pull hairs in the direction of growth to insure a quick, comfortable tweeze.
  5. Tweeze one hair at the time. Pulling up multiple hairs at once will result in a rushed job and botched brows.
  6. Don’t be afraid to top tweeze. Once you’ve finished tweezing the area below, check the area above your brow for any stray growth.

Do you tweeze your brows?

I find that tweezing is more precise and natural looking than threading or waxing.

Love, Molly

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