Listen To Your Body

Some of you may not know but I suffered from post-partum thyroiditis after the birth of my son. I gained 65 pounds during my pregnancy.  Twenty-five of those pounds were gained during my last trimester.  Once I got the clear from my doctor to start working out post baby, I modified my diet, put my sneakers on and hit the gym REALLY hard to the point of exhaustion because I was determined to get the weight off.  Which was no walk in the park while operating on a newborn baby sleep schedule!! The sad thing was that I couldn’t get the scale to budge in my favor. For over 3 months I kept trying to lose weight to no avail.  People kept telling me that this was normal, that I was overreacting, that this was all part of “baby weight” but something just wasn’t sitting right with me. My neck was as thick as a football player.  There was no way this was all due to pregnancy pounds. I made an appointment and went to see my General Practitioner, Ron Benbassat.  Thank the Lord someone believed me.  I walked in the room and he said,  “Oh boy we have a problem. It’s your Thyroid.  Thyroid???  I’ve never had a problem with this in my entire life. The next day he sent me to get an ultrasound to check my thyroid. Immediately after, I was set up for an ultra sound with Jordan Gellar, an Endocrinologist in Los Angeles.  The ultra sound showed that my thyroid was enlarged and had irregular growths. I ended up needing to have a biopsy.  I was terrified.  Two dear friends of mine had been recently diagnosed with thyroid cancer, which took my mind to places I never wanted to go. Thankfully, my biopsy came back normal.  NORMAL … Whew!!!!! Now began the process of getting my thyroid levels back to normal.  I was put on Thyroid medication.  It worked!!!!! I started dropping weight and feeling better almost instantly.  I was on Nature Thyroid for about a year and I recently starting taking Synthroid because I am starting to try to have another baby. The signs were all there. I just needed someone to listen.  The lesson to takeaway is to ALWAYS TRUST YOUR YOURSELF!!  If you feel something is off, ask questions, call your friends, your doctors.  Any body and everybody!  It might take awhile but you will get to the bottom of it.

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