LIGHT READING: "Norman Mailer/Bert Stern: Marilyn Monroe"

LIGHT READING: "Norman Mailer/Bert Stern: Marilyn Monroe"

I have a major thing for coffee table books. They’re some of my favorite gifts to give and I’m also quite the collector myself. Why? A stack of coffee table books is much more than just a pile of reading material! The right coffee table books make for an excellent design element and are a great way to put your taste in art, design or fashion on display. 6650035675:Yahoo:photo Now this new coffee table tome by luxury publishing house Taschen is truly something to be marveled at… It’s a fabulous hybrid of sorts—pairing the text from Norman Mailer’s 1973 biography of Marilyn Monroe with Bert Stern’s legendary photographs of the starlet.

6650035737:Yahoo:photo 6650035767:Yahoo:photo Full disclaimer: This Bert Stern print was the first piece of art I ever bought—so as you can imagine I already have a particular affinity for the famous photographer’s last sitting with Marilyn Monroe…

6650035589:Yahoo:photo But regardless, the book is literally a work of art in itself, perfect for the budding collector! It’s available in a Collector’s Edition of 1,712 or an Art Edition of 125 numbered copies that include a clamshell box and a pigment print signed by Stern. Who wouldn’t like one of those sitting in their home!

What’s in your coffee table book collection?

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