My Favorite Life Hacks!

Are you ready for some AH-mazing tips and tricks that will make your life so, so, so much easier? I teamed up with Glam on a series of #SupermodelSecrets videos, and the newest is all about those life hacks!

From a pill box to a straw, I love taking everyday objects and finding a new purpose for them. I have seven different ideas for you and I promise, you already have all of the necessary ingredients in your home. You're just not fully utilizing them! Turn that nail polish into a key coder, use up your leftover coffee instead of throwing it away, and learn how to chill a bottle of wine in record timing!

Make sure to watch my #LifeHacks video above to master all of my favs. What are your favorite life hacks? Share them with me in the comments below; I'd love to try them all out!

Molly Sims14 Comments