Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Did Halloween sneak up on you like a ghoul in the night? Are you still stuck for a Halloween costume for yourself or your little one? Fear not my friends, I’ve got some on-the-fly suggestions for you. Plus, none of these all Hallows Eve ideas will drain your budget like a vampire in the night!

Face Painting

Face painting can be your best friend. A few strokes of the makeup crayon and your child can be transformed. A face paint color palette will only cost you a few bucks. You can get this one for $3.99. Don’t stress yourself out! You really don’t have to be Picasso or a special effect makeup master. Keep it simple.

Kitty Cat

The feline route is very simple and easy. A pair of ears, painted on whiskers and nose while dressed in all black from head to toe…you is good to go! No face paint on hand? In a pinch, black eyeliner could easily be used.   I’m not going to lie. This is my personal go-to Halloween get up.

Mime or clown

For a mime you can rock the head to toe all back wardrobe and for a clown you can mix match an outfit. The sillier the better! This fashionista completely approves of patterns, stripes, prints and florals ALL in one outfit for this look.

Skeletons and Dia de los Muertos Calavaras

It looks complicated than but it's not! I watched a couple of videos on YouTube and I had this look on lock.


Super on trend in the land witches and goblins. Who doesn’t love a Zombie? Go through your dirty laundry basket and pick out the MOST wrinkled and dirty item. That old raggedy tee shirt you are just about to toss out is the perfect solution for this genre of costume. Pants too short? Those are perfect for a bit of slicing and dicing to make them look like they’ve been through the zombie apocalypse. This is something your whole family could go as…


If you are truly in a last minute pinch go no further than your bathroom toilet roll. White leggings and tee shirt underneath and you are set. If you have a bit of time you could tea stain the garments first to add a bit of decayed and decrepit look to your mini mummy. A few rolls of gauze or a white ace bandage would also do the trick nicely.


What #Supermomma could deny a caped crusader as a viable Halloween costume option? A couple pieces of fabric and your child could save the universe.


It doesn’t get any easier (yet effective) than the ghost costume you remember from when you were a kid. Casper would be proud.

Elderly Man/Woman

Let Benjamin (or Benjamina) Button come to life. A gray wig, a button up shirt, pair of specs and a vest or suspenders will bring you to the land of the old timers. I wonder if he gets a both a child and senior citizen discount??


Ahoy, Mateys! This costume could have your little saying “ARrrrghhh” in NO time! A striped tee with jeans that you roll up would be the perfect base for this costume. No pirate hat in sight? A piece of fabric, a bandana, or an old striped tee could easily play the role of headgear for your swashbuckler!


Nerds! Nerds! Nerds! It doesn’t get much cuter than a pocket protected nerdville. You can easily convert your child’s Sunday best into a costume. In a pinch, crepe paper can be fashioned into a tie.


The west can easily be won on a budget.


Take an old tee shirt and splatter it with paint. A painter’s palette and paintbrush in hand and an artist is born!


A pointy hat grants you access to the witches’ coven. A cape can be made from a sheet or piece of fabric. But in earnest as you can see from the picture below a hat is all you really need. I found mine in the dollar bin at my local grocery.