Lashes in a Flash

Everyone who knows me knows that I am all about lashes. In my opinion, when it comes to lashes, the more the merrier. As much as a fabulous mascara can help lengthen, sometimes a mascara alone just won’t quite do the trick. When you’re really going for that ultra glam look, you may need to take it to the next level. And by next level, of course, I’m talking about…falsies! I’m here to give you a step-by-step tutorial on how to apply false eyelashes.

I think sometimes people are a little intimidated by the idea of false eyelashes. Will they look fake? Will you see the glue? Will they fall off half way through my date? Well ladies, it really isn’t as scary as it sounds. All you need is some good glue and liner, and you’ll be looking naturally glam in no time. The first step is to curl your own eyelashes; this well help ensure that they look as full as possible. Curl until you feel like you’ve curled too much. Then curl some more, and that should be enough! There are tons of different eyelash curlers. Tweezerman makes a great one, and Sephora has tons of great brands.

Next, apply mascara to your natural lashes. I really love Buxom for that full lash effect. Remember to start at your lash line and, as I like to say, get jiggy with it; wiggle your way to the ends of your lashes. Not a single lash should go uncoated! Once you have curled and generously applied mascara, you’ll want to measure the false eyelashes. This may sound like a weird and annoying step, but it’s actually really important in making sure the lashes fit and will stay on correctly. Compare the length of the falsies to the length of your natural lash line. Clip a few off at the end if necessary.

There are so, so, so many brands of false eyelashes to choose from that it’s hard to narrow it down. Sephora makes tons of different lengths and fullness varieties. Urban Decay and Illamasqua are two other great brands. Just pick whichever suit you best.

Now that the false lashes are ready, it’s time to apply the glue. I’d say the most commonly used eyelash glue, and my fave, is by Duo. Apply enough to the lashes that you feel it will stick, but not so much that it will get all over your lid and natural lashes. Give it a minute to cool and get sticky.

Next is the scary part. Just kidding! It’s really not so bad. Carefully apply the false lashes to your natural lash line. You can even use a q-tip or tool to lightly press them down so you don’t get glue all over your hands. Don’t worry about it looking messy or the edge of the false lashes being visible. That is wear the liquid eyeliner comes in. I really love Marc Jacobs liquid liner. Stilahas an AH-mazing one as well. I like to use a liquid liner because it’s super opaque and rich in color. This well help cover up the glue and visible lash line.

You can do a cat eye here or simply cover it up with a top line and clean up the edges with q-tips. It’s a great idea to find some q-tips that already have makeup remover in them. Almay makes some as well as Bare Escentuals. This will make cleaning up the lash line much, much simpler, and make you less stressed about feeling like it needs to be perfect.

So there you have it: the ultimate guide to applying false eyelashes! I love, love, love this look, and am positive that it will take your glam status to a whole other level. Try some out and let me know what you think!