Lash Extension 101 With Esme Winterflood

So, are you ready for a major #SupermodelSecret? Most of us don’t actually “wake up like this.” Fortunately, since lash extensions hopped on the scene, you can be one step closer to “selfie-ready” literally any time of day.

Everyone who knows me is perfectly aware of my obsession with lashes. My makeup artist, Joey Maalouf, actually CALLS me lashes. Yep, that obsessed! Once I found out about extensions, I was hooked! So, my lashes will be on-point and gorgeous even once my makeup is taken off? Yes, please! It can really make a girl feel invincible.


Esme Winterflood is my lash guru in Los Angeles. This girl can take your lashes from drab to FAB in a little over an hour! Since I started modeling, I love to get all the inside scoop about everything beauty.

So … this past lash session with Esme, I made sure to get the secrets on ALL ways to make your lashes gorgeous and stay that way. Enjoy!

What services do you provide at The Esme Winterflood Lash Studio?

o   Eyelash Extensions: You can chose from a 'Wake Me Up' partial set starting at $150 (which takes approx 1 hr, and we fill the outer edges of the eye and fade the extensions to the inside), to a 'Glamazonian' set at $300 (this takes about 2 hrs and we layer extra thin extensions on to the existing full set.) Most people chose the 'Natural Beauty' set which is $200-250 (this takes about 1.5 hrs and we get extensions on most of the natural lashes. We aim to get length and definition but keep it natural looking. By offering these specific services, we can satisfy clients wanting just to try out extensions, or clients who want full on glamour. Either way, our aim is always to create a lash look that enhances the eyes and face, without looking cheap and heavy. People come back any where from 2-4 weeks for fills depending on how full or perfect they want to keep them. Our lashes have a 5-6 week growth cycle so after that time most of the extensions will have fallen out. (Fills are from $65-120). We also offer Mink lashes and 3D volume lashes.

o   The Lash Lift:  This is an amazing low maintenance lash treatment and would look good on any client. It gives the effect of curling your lashes which lifts your lashes upwards, defining and opening up the eyes. It takes about 1 hour and clients come back every 5-6 weeks for a new lift. This also looks great with a lash tint!

o   Tinting & Waxing: We offer lash and brow tinting. A great quick add on service for clients who want that extra dimension to their lashes or definition to their brows. We also offer waxing or tweezing & face waxing.

What are some inside tips for clients looking to find a good Lash Stylist?

Firstly, check out their website and see if they have a good portfolio of before and after clients. If you can, get a recommendation of someone whose work you've already seen. It's also a good idea to stop by their location so you can make sure it's a clean and calm environment. Lots of the big lash brands (JB Lashes, Xtreme) will have 'find a professional' on their consumer site. It's also a good idea to ask if the stylist has trained to an advanced level. Yelp and other internet sources can also be a good guide to who's offering lashes in your area. However, what you're looking for might not be the same as what the reviews are raving about. It’s best to make an introductory call and see if you can ask some of these questions. I'd also be wary of those super cheap deals. It usually ends up being a false economy. Good lashes are worth paying a bit more for!

So, what about the aftercare?

Lots of people are never told about how to look after their lashes! The glue takes 12-24 hrs to bond properly. It’s important to not go to the gym, sauna or facial straight after your lash apt. They need to be kept dry during this time. You also need to keep them away from oil as this can dissolve the glue. If you like wearing eye makeup, be aware that there are products formulated for extensions such as mascara, eyeliner and oil free eye makeup remover. Using these products will help increase the longevity of your lashes. Also if you are concerned about the health of your natural lashes or want to wear extensions indefinitely, there are lots of good lash conditioners out there, that when used regularly, will keep lashes strong and conditioned.

Who can wear lashes?

Well, pretty much anyone who has natural lashes! We attach the extensions 1mm from the root of the natural lash, so the client needs to have natural lashes to start with. Some clients do have gaps in their lashes, and we can use techniques to fill them when doing the extensions. We have clients who are older and have finer lashes, and young girls with amazingly long natural lashes. At the studio, we love to tailor the extensions look to suit the client so we can create something that looks perfect for the clients face. However, there are some people who have sensitivity or can develop it. We do have sensitive glue that usually works well and prevents a client’s eyes from watering, and there is also a prescribed ointment that can prevent any itching when applied prior to the treatment. These sensitivities are rare, and in most cases these clients can still go on to wear lashes.

In your opinion, why are extensions so amazing?

Unfortunately, there are lots of bad lash jobs going on out there. It puts people off to see tangled, messy, plasticky looking extensions! I have been doing lashes for the best part of ten years and always had a desire to do the most perfect job I can… with each extension perfectly applied. Actually listening to what kind of look the client wants is very important hence you should try and have a little consultation and ask questions before you lie down for the treatment. What length or shape do you like, or do you prefer to focus on volume?  Our clients are very particular and sophisticated and love having this defined look, yet without wearing makeup. It really is a game changer for women and most people just can't got back to messy mascara after they've had good lash extensions. And one nice benefit, is that most people fall asleep during the treatment so you get a glorious power nap in!

For more information, visit Esme’s website or call the lash hot line at 310 503 4945.

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