Kids vs. Dogs


dogs v animals

So for those of you who have kids you will completely understand where I'm coming from. For those of you who have dogs, you'll completely understand where I'm coming from. For those of you with no kids and no pets...better skip to the next post. And might I add that a trip to your local animal shelter may be in order?


Before I had Brooks my friends used to always tell me that once I had kids my life would change. It would change and my pets would turn into pets. They would no longer be my substitute children, friends and family. They would suddenly take a back seat to the real humans and things would be different.


Well I'm please to announce that Brooks has now been around for a while and my pets are just as "human" as they ever were. I still treat them with the finest scraps my table has to offer, still let them sleep in my bed (yes, they have stairs so that they can come and go as they please) and yes I still pick them up and carry them around the house while cooing to them and letting them know just how beautiful they really are.


I am proud to report that I am just as crazy a dog lady as I ever was. And, I must admit, I'm training Brooks to be a bit of a crazy dog man too. Is it bad that I'm kinda proud of that? So for all of you who are pregnant, getting ready to adopt or just wondering what happens once the baby comes I am here to assure you that life will be the same. Just with a new little friend for your puppies to play with.


Signed, the crazy dog lady and family,


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