The Cutest Holiday Pajamas For Kids

When I was little, my momma kept up the tradition of dressing my brother and I in matching pajamas on Christmas morning. We hated it. But, guess what? I'm torturing my own children with this very same tradition now. Before the presents are unwrapped, the photos are taken. The level of "stage-mom" determination to get both the kids either smiling or looking at the camera is nothing short of a Christmas miracle.

Not surprisingly, I start shopping for festive pajamas pretty early in the season. If you're a picture-crazy mom like me, you'll be happy with this year's selection. I may have gone a little crazy but I couldn't help myself. I'm not sure which pair we will wear on Christmas morning but this ADORABLE matching set from Janie and Jack might be the final pick.

Whether you decide to go matching or not, here are some of my favorite sets for both boys and girls (+ some other Christmas photo shoot essentials!):

For Girls:


For Boys:




Happy Holidays!