What Should We Be For Halloween?

It’s officially 5 days until Halloween and that means it’s time to pick our costumes! By the way, since when have kids costumes been so extensive? I feel like back in the day there were only a couple choices…and now? It’s insane. With more choices comes a harder decision especially when they look AH-dorable in all of them. Let’s just say I went to Pottery Barn Kids and went a little crazy on the costume shopping.

So, we need your help. We need your help desperately. What should Brooksie and Scarlett be for Halloween?

Should Brooksie….


Blast off and go to the moon?


Roam with the dinosaurs?


Save the day as Superman?

Travel to a galaxy far, far away?

Should Scarlett…


Splash around like a mermaid?

Cuddle as the cutest kitty cat ever?

Shine like the sun as a rainbow?


Be a pretty princess?

Okay, seriously though. Comment below, ask your friends. Help us make a decision!