The Best Educational Apps For Preschoolers

It's no secret that technology has changed everything--especially in the classroom. These days, kids are more tech-savvy than ever. I mean, it's honestly kind of crazy. Brooks can navigate around both a computer and my iPhone, no questions asked.

The big buzzword right now in the parenting world is definitely "screen time." How much technology is too much? Luckily, there are hundreds of educational apps to download right on your phone or computer. The programs have the same interactive quality of their favorite TV shows but with an added learning benefit. When learning is fun, they are more engaged. Brooks would rather play his "games" than watch a show.

Not only do these downloadable apps help prepare your preschooler for Kindergarten but they keep them occupied. As a mom, this is everything. Plus, you won't feel guilty about it.

Here are some fun interactive apps and programs to download for your preschooler now:

LeapFrog Letter Factory

Best For: Phonics

Even if your preschooler is a year away from learning to read, it doesn't hurt to prepare them. A friend actually told me about this LeapFrog program and we love it. The program helps kids learn the sounds of the alphabet through an interactive adventure.

Download here


Best For: Memorization And Cognitive Development

This old-school matching game is just like the flashcards--but a new and interactive version. When there's a match, the animals make fun sounds. Brooks sees it more as a game but little does he know--he's actually learning. It's definitely my go-to when traveling!

Download here

Curious World

Best For: Preparing For Kindergarten

I mean, who doesn't love Curious George? This website doesn't just teach math, reading, and other important subjects but it also prepares your preschooler for the social aspect, too. You can also customize the age and subjects of the activities so you can play for years to come.

Download here

Mobile Montessori

Best For: Children In A Montessori School

Brooks goes to a Montessori school so I like to keep the activities similar when we are at home. Mobile Montessori is the perfect activity to complement their preschool learning curriculum. I'm also a huge fan of this app because you can purchase the programs in bundles--from ages 2 to 12.

Download here

Alpha Tots

Best For: Learning The Alphabet

This will definitely be a favorite of any little boy (or girl!) The high-action, interactive alphabet games help your preschooler learn the alphabet in a fun and memorable way.

Download here

Elmo Loves 123s

Best For: Learning To Count

Does it get any better than old-fashioned Elmo? I don't think so. This app is great to teach numbers and learning to count. Brooks plays this all the time. I end up having Elmo's voice ringing in my ears for hours. Oh, the things you go through as a parent!

Download here

What fun learning games does your preschooler play? Comment below!

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