Introducing Padma’s Fabulous Red Color Story


The numbers are growing strong for my Zen Garden color story for the Valspar Color Project, but I still need your help to spread the word. Put it on your Facebook wall, Tweet it – share it with everyone you know! It’s important that together we reach my goal of $100, 000 and help low-income families create affordable housing.

I am also proud to announce that Padma Lakshmi has joined Lauren Conrad and myself on the project with her Fabulous Red Color Story. Padma has traveled the world in search of color. She teamed up with Valspar to find the right shade of red for a kitchen that needed a little spicing up.

We each have a goal of raising $100,000 with an overall project goal of $300,000, but we need your help. Every time you share our videos, $1 is donated to Habitat for Humanity. You alone can generate $3 just by watching all three and sharing.

You can watch our stories HERE. Experience the power in color by sharing away on Facebook, Twitter, even Pinterest!

Try this clever tool for your next painting project. The Valspar Paint Your Passion application will match a passion like cooking or art to your personalized color palette.

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