Introducing My Very Own YouTube Channel!

I am so, so, so excited to announce that I've decided to launch my very own YouTube page! I was BE-yond thrilled to see so many questions from each and every one of you on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook regarding certain beauty and hair how-to's, so I got creative.

One day, my go-to guy, Joey Maalouf, came over and we got to filming. Over the course of the day, we created a whole host of beauty and hair "how to" videos, just for you. From Lipstick 101 to Styling the Perfect Low Chignon, we're providing step by step tutorials on how to achieve a few of my fav, fav, fav beauty and hair looks. We'll outline products to use, show each step so you can replicate the style at home, and give you easy to follow tips. I'm going to publish these #SupermodelSecrets throughout this week, so make sure to come back and check out my channel for the videos!

I plan to share everything, from #SupermodelSecrets to #SimsFitness. But first, I want to hear what you want to see also! Tell me everything in the comments below!?