Introducing My Love, Love, Loves

I have some AH-mazing girlfriends, in both New York and LA, as well as at home in Kentucky, who are on top of everything fashion and beauty related. I always turn to them for any advice I may need when it comes to clothes or accessories because I know my girls will have some great ideas and a ton of ideas because they are all kind of different. One is really classic and eclectic, and the other one is kind of grungy-bohemian, the other one is more like southern-traditional. My girlfriends do really good!

Listening to their favs and spending time around makeup artists, hair stylists, editors, and models, I have a huge, huge, huge list information I want to share with you! Some are new brands that have just launched, others are old favorites that I've been OB-sessed with forever, but they're all my love, love, loves.

So I am thrilled to launch my newest page on - Love, Love, Love! It'll be regularly updated with the latest and greatest products that I've fallen for, so you know exactly what's in my closet and stocking my vanity at all times!

Enjoy! And tell me everything in the comments below about what you love ... it may end up on the page as well!