Inside the Natural Products Expo

Inside the Natural Products Expo

In the beginning of March, I checked out the Natural Products Expo in Anaheim and I was blown away by the direction natural foods and products are going.  There were more than 2,700 exhibitors and they had a record total of over 71,00 people in attendance. Truly a mark of a movement that won’t be stopped!!


More and more we are seeing natural and organic products on our grocery store shelves and forward thinking companies like Thrive Marketare striving to get these products to consumers at affordable prices. If you aren’t familiar with Thrive Market, you should check out my previous post where I tell you all about them. Forecasters are estimating that the natural and organic products industry is expected to grow to $252 billion by 2019!


The Natural Products Expo is open to the public and if you ever get a chance I highly suggest you check it out.  You get the opportunity to see all of the new and upcoming products, some of which have yet to hit the market.  You can talk to reps of your favorite brands and find out information about brands you aren’t familiar with.

Of course I stopped by my favorite Superfood brands’ booth, Navitas Naturals and ran into one of my favorite gals and superfood chef, Julie Morris!! Don’t tell Navitas, but I may have had 2 or 4 smoothie samples. Who would say no to a pregnant lady?!  What is supremely awesome, is that Navitas shared their Superfood info-graphic which is a great quick reference guide on all things Superfood.  Check it out below:


That is not all Navitas shared with me… I was able to get the recipe for the delicious beverage I enjoyed so much in their booth!!

Mood Mocha

Blend thoroughly and enjoy!

The expo is a great venue to source new products.  Some of which you can purchase online or ask your local grocer to start carrying.  I have to say my favorite part of the trade show was ALL of the samples!  You definitely will not leave the show hungry.  I had a bag full of goodies by the end of the afternoon.  This is where I found the amazing Thin Stackers that I used in my Easter egg remix recipe.

I think what impressed me most is knowing that as this is a consumer driven industry and if the new products coming to market are saying anything, its that consumers are looking for healthy whole foods that are made with integrity.  Now more than ever people are interested in what they are putting in their bodies.  Can it fall to the extreme sometimes?  Yes, but I think the desire to push ourselves to a healthier place is what is important.


The only way to make changes in what we see on our store shelves is if we as consumers demand healthy products.  There is still so much confusion with labeling and tricky marketing words and I’m not going to lie, it is really tough to shop and feel like you are making the right choices as a consumer.  That’s why I am a huge fan and support the EWG and all of the amazing work they do.  The EWG has recently launched this amazing FREE app that gives their rating on over 80,000 products based on nutrition, ingredients (factors such as the likely presence of key contaminants, pesticides, hormones and antibiotics and the health implications of certain food additives) and processing (modification of individual ingredients from whole foods and the number of artificial ingredients). I, like all parents do my very best to provide my family with healthy, wholesome foods. I was so pleased to see the direction that Natural products are headed. Viva the natural products revolution!!

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