The Rabbit Family


Watching Brooks go through all of his first year milestones I keep being reminded of just how in awe of the human spirit I am. Just the fact that linguistics come so easily to little ones and that figuring out how to crawl and eventually walk seem as easy as discovering the joy of a crop leg pant.


Recently Brooks has been starting to become very imaginative.  He loves to play with his stuffed animals and now, every time we play we have to create a backstory. It's not just Scott or me holding a rabbit in front of his face and shaking it around anymore. No, now Mr. Rabbit has to have a name, a voice and a mild character arch. There has to be a plot line and some supporting characters. (Can you tell who his parents are?)


What all of this has done is remind me of how much fun using your imagination can be. I actually enjoy thinking of what happens to Mr. Rabbit after he runs into Miss Hippo. I like planning their story and love seeing Brooks reaction to these stories. It makes me remember that it is ok to have some fun. It's okay to take time out of your day to just pretend.


I've found myself starting to use my imagination in my adult life too. I will be sitting at my computer working on something when all of a sudden my mind will just wander. I'll look out my window and wonder what would happen if Mr. Rabbit paid us a visit. Would he like our house? Or would he think the living room could be arranged a bit can see where this is going.


Sometimes a little imagination is all you really need to get those creative juices flowing. So take some time to just day dream today :).



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