How to Style a Low Chignon

One of the reasons I decided to do these tutorials was to share my #SupermodelSecrets on how to look effortlessly glam. And while sometimes it may actually take a wee bit of effort, I want to show you all that it’s not nearly as hard as some of you may have assumed! I know so many of us spend time looking through magazines and at red carpets and wonder, “How did they get their hair like that,” or, “I wonder if I could do that on my own.”

Well, while there usually is a glam squad at work behind the beautiful hair and makeup, there are actually tons of looks you can do on your own at home. I’m going to show you some go-to hair styles that you can do yourself so you look red-carpet ready…or at least ready for a night out!


The first look I’m going to show you how to do is the low chignon. This hairstyle looks so, so, so much trickier than it really is! For starters, you’re going to want to pick your part. If you’re going to add something like a headband with bangs or some shorter pieces in the front, a center part would look great. Personally, I like my chignon with a side part because traditionally, a chignon is also to the side. If you choose to do a side part, really brush your hair to that side and spray it with hairspray. I really love Elnett by L'Oreal. Using the end of a teasing comb will really help you achieve that clean part. Once you’ve got your part down, take all of your hair and put it to the side that you want your chignon to be, most likely the opposite side of where your part is, as this is where most of your hair is now naturally laying.

Next, separate your hair into 2 even sections. Once they’re separated, tie the two sections into a knot, very similar to the first step of tying your shoelaces. Repeat this step over and over and over again until you reach the ends of your hair, leaving about an inch at the ends.

What you’ll want to do next is tuck the end pieces under your hair near the top of your neck and pin, pin, pin away! The action of lifting and tucking the end pieces under will naturally create the round, bun-like shape with the rest of your tied hair, thus creating a chignon! Personally, I really like to add things to my chignon like a flower or barrette. Choose your accent, pin to the chignon, et voila! That’s how you do the perfect low chignon.