How to Stay Skinny During The Holidays

I work with a talented and smart nutritionist, Rebecca Baer. Rebecca helped me pull it together before my wedding and was a saving grace when I was losing the weight after my pregnancy with Brooks.  We have arrived at the holiday season, which means that the fetes are as plentiful as the cookies and treats. On how to handle the holidays, without missing out on the fun?! I asked Rebecca to share some advice on how to stay skinny during the holidays.

1. Keep a Journal - Whether leather bound or online, Write. It. Down. Acknowledging what you ate and drank with a written record helps you stay accountable.

2. Don't Skip Meals - You have to fuel your body throughout the day. Skipping meals or starving yourself between events only slows down your metabolism and usually concludes with a late-night binge. Trust me.

3. No Cheat Days - Treat yourself during the festivities, without a doubt, but do so occasionally and don't ruin your diet by cheating. This will only result in a struggle to maintain your weight.

4. Dress Like a Skinny Person - Ditch the leggings and slouchy tees. Throw on a pair of tight jeans and a cute top instead. You're much more aware of your weight when your clothes are fitted. Baggy, stretchy, and ill fitting clothes are roads that lead to denial.

5. Eat Your Veggies - Listen to what your momma said.  It may not be as alluring as chips and guac, but if you want to stay healthy-skinny you have to learn to eat vegetables when you’re grazing. Vegetables are basically calorie-free and have the added benefits of fiber, antioxidants and vitamins.

6. Pass on the hors d'oeuvres -The main culprit of unnecessary calories at holiday parties is the cocktail hour. Grab a drink in one hand and hold your clutch in the other hand … Guess what you can't do? Absentmindedly eat!

7. Bring Something Healthy to Holiday Gatherings - Most hosts will be happy for to see something simple like crudité or fresh fruit.

8. Opt for Mulled Wine Over Egg Nog – That creamy eggnog is loaded with calories (150 calories per 6 ounce serving). Instead reach for a festive glass of mulled wine (70 calories per 5 ounce serving).

9. Buy yourself a New Years dress that’s just a tiny bit snug - Make this frock your goal. December is a short enough period of time to stay motivated and long enough for this to be a realistic objective.

10. Eat clean - Simply put, if you want to be skinny you need to nix the greasy, carb laden processed foods. Instead stick to whole grains, fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and a modest amount of healthy fats.

These are rules that I live by and Rebecca is the real deal.  She’s part of my squad, my A-team!!  You can get to know her better in my new book The Everyday Supermodel my beauty, fashion and wellness secrets made simple.