How to Stay Motivated to Workout in Winter

How to Stay Motivated to Workout in Winter

Now that I’m pregnant for the second time, I am incredibly determined more than ever to be active and healthy as I can be.  Especially this time of year, I know it is SO easy to fall down the comfort food rabbit hole. Is it just me or does it seem like Halloween candy is everywhere?!?  With a long holiday season of eating ahead of us, it is especially important to keep our fitness regimes intact.  Below are my tips to help keep you motivated beyond the summer months.

(pictured above with me: Emily Tremaine, Pilates Instructor and Owner of Pilates by Emily)

Make fitness fun

If you approach your workout as drudgery, that’s how it is going to feel!!  Find activities you enjoy and don’t be afraid to switch it up.  Take a Zumba class. Try Piloxing.  Google hiking trails and local rec centers in your area. I promise you can find fun ways to get yourself moving that will fuel your motivation.

Get a friend on board

Misery loves company … JUST KIDDING!!  It is great route to giving yourself some support and accountability.  How do you think I know what Piloxing is?  A friend of mine told me ALL about it and we are going to take a class together.

Keep a pair of old sneakers in the trunk of your car

Store a pair of sneakers in your car as a “just in case”.  I discovered this great tip completely on accident. I had a bag items for the donation center in my trunk.  Traffic was a nightmare (Los Angeles) and I didn’t want to sit in my vehicle feeling trapped like a salmon swimming upstream.  I pulled over to the nearest park, dug through the bag, grabbed my sneakers and had a blissful walk.  I killed two birds with one stone!  I burned the calories and I took away the stress of traffic.

Create an awesome playlist

Find the jams that really make your body move.  You know how important it is to sweat so loose yourself in the music and make it happen.  Go from inspirational to the down and dirty.  Let music be the soundtrack and help you dig deep and get the most of your workout.

Skinny Jeans. 

Fall and Winter doesn’t have to mean it is time to drag out the potato sacks. Go for the oversized sweater, but keep the skinny jeans!!  Nothing like a pair of fitted pants to keep you honest around the holidays.  How about pairing your skinnies with the knee high wedge boot from Rockport?

Fake it till you make it

Cute workout fashion not only puts a little spring in your step but with a little extra spandex where you need it (think Spanx in your gym gear) you can make your physique appear a little more taught while you hustle on your fitness through the winter season.  I’m loving Nancy Rose Performance gear because I really believe if you look good, you feel good…and her pieces make me feel good!!

How about this gear to give you some color and keep the gloom away through the winter months?

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