How To Master the Sunkissed Look

Anyone who knows me knows I love, love, love a sunkissed glow. It’s one of my absolute go-to’s when it comes to makeup. In my opinion, nothing makes me feel as flawless and confident as radiant, glowing skin. I don’t know about you, but anything that makes me feel like I just spent the day on a beach in St. Barths but actually only takes about ten minutes is a MUST. I MEAN…who doesn’t love an instant tan? I think sometimes people are intimidated by the idea of mastering an overall look…skin, eyes, lips and all. But have no fear, ladies! I’m here to give you a step-by-step tutorial on how to achieve the perfect sun-kissed glow. 

First, you’ll need foundation. I love Babor foundation. It’s really important to go about one shade darker than your face. Try to match the foundation with the color of your chest, and work up from the collarbone. This will give you an even, blended line. Next, you’ll want to use a cream blush. Personally, I love a cream blush over a powdered blush. My skin tends to eat makeup, so I find that a cream blush lasts much longer. I’m OB-sessed with Chantecaille. It’s not too vibrant, but it’s rosey enough that it really pops. Focus on the apples of your cheeks for a youthful, natural glow.

After the blush comes the contour and highlighter. The best part about this duo is that you can find tons of brands that make them in a kit together! Charlotte Tilbury makes a great one. Using a fan brush, dip the brush into the darker shade. This is used for contouring. You’ll want to create a subtle line from your cheekbone to your ear. You can even suck your cheeks in (think making a fish face, perhaps), and follow that natural indent. Then, with a rounder brush you’ll want to highlight. Glide the brush above and along the contour line. You can even use the highlighter under your brows and a bit on the nose as well.

Next, we have concealer. Here I’m using Charlotte Tilburyagain. What can I say? She’s fab. Now, you’re probably thinking, “Aren’t you supposed to start with concealer?” Well my friends, some would say so. But one of my fave, fave, fave supermodel secrets is to actually do the concealer last. Waiting until I’ve done everything else gives me a better roadmap of where I need to brighten and cover up.

As for the 5th step, you might think I don’t mean to say cream blush…again. But that’s actually exactly what I mean! For the second round of cream blush, I like to use a much brighter shade than the first application. Stila offers some really great shades of pink. Here I’m using Fuchsia. This just finishes off my cheeks with a really radiant, bright accent. You can even lightly dab the blush on your nose for that ultimate sun-kissed effect.

Next…mascara! No look is finished without some plump, voluminous lashes. I love Givenchy. Always start at the root and wiggle your way to the tips of your lashes. But most importantly, curl, curl, curl. Never forget to curl your lashes before a mascara application. I’m telling you, it makes a difference.

For the very last and final step, you’ll just need your favorite lip balm. I prefer my sun-kissed look with a really simple, neutral lip. I love, love, love Rosebud Salve. It gives my lips the perfect tint of pink without looking too pigmented. Plus, it’s super moisturizing and lasts all day. I hope you try this sun-kissed look at home and follow my tutorial! We have tons of more looks to come, so stay tuned.

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