How to Master the Baby Doll Look

One of my all time favorite looks for date night is the baby-doll look. I think it’s the perfect combination of flirty and sexy, and it kinda lets me bring out my inner Barbie. With the perfect cat-eye and pretty pink lip, you’ll definitely be feeling glam, glam, glamorous! Had a long day and have less than an hour to get ready for a date? No problemo. The best part about this look is it can be done in 6 easy steps. I’m here with another step-by-step tutorial on how to achieve the perfect baby-doll look all on your own.

For the first step, apply your foundation. You can follow my instructions from my Sun-kissed look, or simply use your favorite foundation. I love Babor and Hourglass. Next, you’ll want to use a white or cream-colored eye pencil. NYX makes a really great one. Lining the bottom inside and upper corner of your eye with a white pencil instantly brightens your eyes. It also adds to that flirty, doe eyed effect, which is crucial for the baby-doll look!

The next step is so, so, so important: the cat eye. Using a liquid eyeliner will make a world of difference when it comes to top eyeliner. Here I’m using Eyeko. I like to start at the very outside corner of my eye and draw a diagonal line upwards and out. I then trace a line from the top corner down to my lash line. Once I’ve established the perfect “wing tip,” I like to start from the inner corner of my eye and build outwards to meet the outer corner…et voila, instant bedroom eyes. I highly recommend buying Q-tips that already have makeup remover on them. Yes, these exist! Bare Escentuals makes them, and they really come in handy when trying to achieve a perfect top liner.

The top eyeliner has to be finished off with some FAB-ulous lashes. I love, love, love Butter London. Always remember to curl your lashes before applying your mascara for an extra full effect. Once you’ve curled…and curled…and curled, apply your mascara starting from the root and make your way to the tips of your lashes, ensuring that you don’t miss a single one.

Finally, the baby-doll look would not be complete without a perfectly pink lip. I like to go for more of a bubble-gum pink lip vs. a deep pink, since the eyes are already so dramatic. Here I’m using Venus by MAC. Sometimes applying your lipstick with a lip brush just helps the color set more easily since you’re pressing it into your lip. Makeup Forever makes a great one. Once you’ve applied your lipstick, dot the outside of your lips and fade inwards with a pink lip liner. I really love Process Magenta by MAC. I know people usually do the lip pencil before, but adding it at the end really helps highlight and accent your lips to make them stand out.

Well ladies, there you have it: the ultimate baby-doll look. I hope my instructions helped simplify the steps for you! Whether you do this look for a date or simply lunch with the girls, you’ll definitely look and feel fabulous.