How To Make A DIY Tassel Keychain

As a mom of two, I make it a priority to stay organized. Unfortunately, things can still get a little chaotic—even with the preparation. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in a hurry and my keys seem to have just disappeared. Many times, the kids have thrown them somewhere else in the house or hid them in a drawer. It happens!

That’s exactly the reason why these leather tassel keychains are so perfect! These accessories are not only on-trend and cute but they also serve a huge purpose. The tassels make it easier to find your keys. It’s that simple! I’ve wanted to get my hands on one for months—but instead, I decided to DIY. (It was super easy!)

If you have a habit of lost keys or just love an accessory, follow this step-by-step to make your own custom tassels:


  • Leather sheets of at least 11x4 inches (I got mine from Michael’s in 
11”x8” sizes allowing 2 tassels per sheet)
  • Hot glue gun/glue sticks
  • X-acto blade
  • Ruler
  • Tape
  • Self-healing cutting mat
  • Thin black sharpie
  • Make-up foam wedges
  • Spray paint and/or stamp pads


STEP 1: On the backside of a leather sheet measure and mark with sharpie 11”x 4” strip and using your Xacto knife on the self-healing mat cut the leather to this size

STEP 2: Mark on back of leather 3⁄4” from top and draw a line the entire length. This will be your cut to line.

STEP 3: On the 3⁄4” line measure and mark 3” from one end and cut leaving a 3” x 3⁄4” “tail” intact.

STEP 4: In the remaining 8” cut approximately 1/8” strips starting at the 3⁄4” mark to the bottom.

STEP 5: From the extra cutout piece of leather, measure and cut an approximately 1⁄4” strip, this will be the loop at the top of the tassel.

STEP 6: Using your hot glue gun make a loop and attach the 1⁄4” strip at the top edge of the fringed end. Line up the bottom of the loop with your 3⁄4” line.

STEP 7: Carefully roll up your tassel securing with hot glue as you roll.

STEP 8: Once done rolling, secure with glue and add your key ring. Just like that, 
you have your own super on trend leather tassel!

STEP 9: Since I wanted my leather tassels to be a little more unique I decided to add additional flair. On the neutral colored leather, I added a light pink and a light teal strip to the bottom. To do this I taped off approximately 1” from the bottom and with a foam sponge added the color. For the dark brown, I thought gold would really dress it up. For this I taped off the whole leather piece sans a 1” strip at bottom and used gold spray paint. Super easy and super cute!