How To Layer Your Jewelry

In my opinion, the term “less is more” doesn’t apply to jewelry. I love to layer it all on! Its not as easy as piling it all on though; there’s definitely a method to the madness. Without the right technique, layering can go from functional (and fashionable!) to straight up bulky.

Gia Canali Photography
Gia Canali Photography

Even for events, I’d much rather layer pieces than one wear bold piece. Here are some tips I’ve learned along the way to master this accessory art form:

It’s All About Proportion

If you are wearing an item that is a bit more of a statement piece, pair with daintier pieces to complement it. Too many statement pieces can look overwhelming and drag down your outfit. Maintain the balance. When it comes to bracelets, I stick to the “one-arm” rule. Wearing rings on both hands is fine, but keep the bracelets to a one-arm minimum.

Go For The “Waterfall” Effect

On the same note of proportion, start with your most dainty pieces on top and work down from there. To avoid tangling, make sure each necklace is a different length. I like to start with a 16-inch piece that sits higher on the neckline and go down a few inches for every layer.

Gia Canali Photography
Gia Canali Photography

Don’t Be Afraid To Mix

Some people are against mixing different colors and textures. I actually like to do it! Different metals, tassels, gems, whatever. They are all fair game. It’s a perfect way to add some spice to a simple white tee. Not mixing gold and silver is a rule of the past! The same can be said about mixing precious jewels and costume jewelry. Not every piece of jewelry I wear is expensive and not every piece is new. You’d be surprised how great old jewelry or vintage pieces can be repurposed!

Pick Your Basics

Since I’ve become a momma, my getting ready time has been virtually cut in half. To make layering easy, you’ll always see me with my basics. A couple dainty necklaces, my go-to rings, and some stacking bracelets. If I want to mix it up in the morning, I just layer on and go!

Spend Your Money Wisely

When it comes to jewelry, spend the most on what you’ll wear over and over again. Trends come and go but your solid basics are forever. Buy that one diamond pendant that you’ll be able to layer with trendy statement pieces or a great set of gold stackable rings that you’ll wear for years to come.

Need some inspiration? Here’s a standard formula to follow with some of my favorite picks for each!

Shown: Luv AJ Diamond Kite Choker + Jennifer Zeuner Horizontal Bar Necklace + Bauble Bar Iced Lariat Pendant

(TIP: For necklaces that you’d like to mix & match—follow same rules. Different metals and textures create a unique statement!)