How To Find Your Signature Scent

While living in Paris during my years of modeling, I learned a lot about their culture, especially in the beauty realm. The power of a good perfume or scent was one of them. Unlike most American women who change out their perfume by season—French women see it as their identity. When you find your “signature” scent, it’s your own.

Out of all of the senses, scent is the most linked to memory. I remember my mother always wore the same perfume during my childhood. If I ever catch a whiff of it, it always brings me back! Now, I’m not saying that switching it up from time to time is bad. It can be fun! But, if you’re looking to search for that one scent for years to come, there are a few ways to find it.

Start Paying Attention To What Attracts You

If you’ve ever gone shopping for perfume then you’ve probably been asked what type of scent you prefer. With so many choices, it can get extremely overwhelming. Here’s a breakdown of some common scent categories to get you started.


This category is pretty self-explanatory. If you love the smell of fresh white florals (gardenia, lilies) or the scent of roses or violets, floral would be a great bet.


A lot of woody fragrances smell beautiful on both men and women. When you’re thinking about this category, think of both cedar wood and sandalwood. Le Labo has a great scent called, “Santal 33” that encompasses what a great woody fragrance is.


When I smell green scents, I instantly think clean and crisp. Many perfumes and colognes in this category are light enough for everyday wear—no matter what time of day!


A mix of spice and sweetness. These scents tend to be overwhelming to some so use sparingly. With that said, that doesn’t make them any less of a great scent.


I instantly get transported to a spa when I smell citrus scents. They are clean, light, and for aromatherapy purposes—put you in a great mood! A lot of citrus scents can be layered with other categories so they aren’t too fruity.


In my opinion, musk is a mix between a clean woodsy scent and a spicy oriental. It’s one of my favorites!

Mix And Layer

Sometimes finding your perfect scent takes a little creativity. A lot of times layering certain body oils or lotions adds an extra needed note to a perfume. It’s all about experimenting! I like to use a daily light scented lotion straight out of the shower followed by a spritz of my perfume.

Perfume Isn’t One Scent Fits All

If you think about it, scent is completely a personal preference. Have you ever made the mistake of asking a friend if she liked a certain perfume? You could be absolutely OB-sessed while your friend is more on the neutral side. I actually don’t like floral scents on myself but on others I don’t mind it. Also, due to pheromones and body chemistry, scents can smell completely different varying from person to person. With that said, it’s important to spritz on a perfume before buying. Just because you liked it on someone else doesn’t mean it will smell the same on you!

Don’t Be Afraid To DIY

When I became pregnant with Brooks, I tried to steer clear of any and all perfumes due to chemicals. So I started experimenting making my own perfume from my favorite essential oils. Not only is it super fun to create your own signature scent, it’s an easy and healthy option for mommas-to-be.

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