How To Find The Perfect Denim Fit For Your Figure

I have a theory that finding a great pair of denim is like searching for your soulmate. Once you find that one pair, you wear them over and over. I still have a pair from ten years ago that I basically live in. They’ve been with me through two kids and have stretched to fit my changing lifestyle (quite literally!) I’m always on the hunt for jeans that fit that great but as I’m sure you know, it can be quite the task. Actually, that’s putting it lightly. It can be very, very difficult.

When it comes to finding your perfect pair of jeans, a lot of factors need to be considered: fit, style, wash, brand, and material to name a few. Luckily, length isn’t a huge factor because you can get them tailored fit. But when it comes to style, it’s all about your body type and what suits it best.


Next time you’re out searching for your dream denim, don’t get sucked into the trends. Pick a fit that compliments your figure and stick to it. Here are some of my favorite looks for every shape and size:

For An Hourglass Figure:

When you are a bit curvier in the back yet smaller in the waist, your jeans need to be cut higher. This will avoid the dreaded undergarment peek in the back. To flatter your hips best, choose a slim-cut tapered leg. Flared denim also looks great on a curvier figure!

For A Full Figure:

The goal for a fuller figure is to find a pair of denim with a nice mix of stretch and structure. Also, a little coverage on the tummy never hurts. A high waist cut flattens any problem areas while still highlighting your assets. A dark wash looks flattering, too!

For A Long And Lean Figure:

Shopping for jeans can be extremely tough for those with height. The jeans are either too short or if you’re slim as well, too big in the leg. For jeans that flatter this figure best, stick to a pair with a slim and tight fit so it doesn’t look too overwhelming. As for the length, look for brands that have “tall” versions of your favorite styles. A cropped skinny look also looks fantastic on those with long legs!

For A Shorter Figure:

If you are petite, it’s a must to find a style and fit that lengthens your legs. The number #1 rule to a short figure is to avoid anything that will look too baggy. Nothing is worse than looking like you are drowning in denim. A super skinny jean or a high waisted trouser (with a great pair of heeled wedges) will give your legs the illusion of length. And don’t forget: if the length is too long, get it hemmed!

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