How to Dress Your Man ... aka The Secrets to Suiting

Okay so here's a secret. Despite all the


pictures I take of him, my sweet husband hates to have his picture taken! However, let's just say he looked so dashing the other day that I talked him into standing still for a few minutes to show off his Scott Hill suit  and Tom Ford shoes.


Anyway, I digress. The point of this blog is to give you girls and guys a few tips that I have imparted upon Scott for wearing a suit. He has always had good taste but here are some things that really make a difference.

  1. One Button Rule: When guys are having their picture taken, make sure to button one button for a more slimming effect. Trust me; you can lose 3 pounds.
  2. Stripe on Stripe: I'm really pushing my husband to mix it up a bit and get a little creative...I love this combination of the grey striped shirt with the darker grey striped tie. Note when your going to shop for your husband make sure and ask whoever is helping you to lay out 3 or 4 tie and shirt combinations and take pictures. Trust me you will forget and this way, you can print them for your husband. Have the associate take a pic of one tie with 2 to 3 shirt combinations.
  3. Make it Personal: Maybe surprise your significant other and have his initials or name monogrammed inside.... Any tailor should be able to do this or ask if they can when you purchase a suit or shirt.. it's inexpensive way to spice it up and show him that you care.
  4. All About the Accessories: Make sure you have collar stands for the shirts, a great lint brush and shoe polisher, and at least one great pair of cuff links.


  • When you wash his shirts or have them dry cleaned, make sure to note the stains ahead of time. It makes a big difference.
  • Don't  dry clean every time because the shirts can yellow.
  • My fav, fav, fav suit brands are Brooks Brothers, Scott Hill, Tom Ford, and Oswald Botang.

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