How I Keep My Family Close


I come from a very close-knit family, and keeping us all together has always been my top priority. Unfortunately my family doesn’t live nearby, so I really make an effort to make sure that those miles apart disappear.  We do our best to get everyone together a few times a year, but while those times are treasured, it just is never enough!  I swear that Brooks grows and changes every single day and I try to do my best to keep all the grandparents connected.  Phone calls are okay, but we found that video chatting is the way to go!  Brooks loves showing off his favorite toys and I know that my parents enjoy any time they get to spend with my little guy.


I always wish they were closer, but being able to video chat in this modern world is definitely so much better than a phone call.  I love you Big Momma and Big Daddy!!  Thank you for braving technology and doing whatever it takes to keep us close. While it may seem like it’s just for Brooks, it’s really great for me, too.  Keep your loved ones close, make the time and find what works best.